Success Stories


Video– Volunteer experience: DeVonne Jackson

DeVonne Jackson trained host, St. Anthony School for the Deaf in Uganda on home gardening techniques. Discover her enriching experience in this video.

Video – Volunteer experience: Amara Szrom

Amara Szrom's work in Benin empowered women farmers in sustainable agroecology and integrated farming systems. Explore her impactful journey in this video!

Video – Volunteer experience: Keith Brown

Keith Brown provided training to cashew producers in Benin on integrating beekeeping into cashew plantations. Discover more about his experience in this video.

Video– Volunteer experience: Christopher Vincent

Christopher Vincent assessed and trained Nepali farmers on methods and techniques for Citrus Greening management. Explore his journey in this video.

Video – Volunteer experience: Pamela J. Karg

Pam J. Karg enhanced farming practices for Uganda farmers with a focus on "farming as a business" techniques. Dive into her impactful experience in this video.

Video – Volunteer experience: Sushil Paudyal

Sushil Paudyal delivered Animal Health Management training to dairy farmers in Uganda. Explore more about his experience in this video.

F2F Ethiopia Success Story

Ethiopian dairy farms doubles daily milk production with F2F support

Benin Host Impact Story - Cashew Farmers Improve Yields

Working with CRS’ Farmer-to-Farmer program, a nursery was initiated and beehives were introduced to their orchards.

Nepal Host impact story - Building a Business

CRS’ Farmer-to-Farmer Program Shares Business Fundamentals with a Nepalese Agro-Mart to Serve a Global Community

Uganda Host Impact Story -Kabeihura Farms :More Learning, More Success

Working with CRS’ Farmer-to-Farmer program, new techniques and processes have created a fundamental change in the farm’s business.

Ethiopia Host Story- Skill Propagation: Farm Co-op Taps CRS’ F2F

Ethiopian farmers union sought ways to improve its assistance to farmers by working with volunteers and sharing valuable information with more than 20K members

Timor-Leste Host Impact Story - Enriching the Community

How Timor-Leste Organic Fertilizer improves livelihoods by promoting organic compost.

F2F Uganda: Poultry, prosperity & peace.

Read more about this Farmer-to-Farmer story from eastern Uganda.

Support for mushroom production helps a rural community in Rwanda

"Our community members did not know anything about mushroom production, but today, most of us have the skills we need." - Odette Mukakibibi

Nepal Host Impact story - From Planting to Storage.

Ginger growers in Nepal improve production.

Benin Host Impact Story - Food Processor Spurs and Manages Growth

A food production co-op worked with CRS' F2F program to adapt improved management techniques while offering farmers a healthier, more lucrative market.

Farmer-to-Farmer assignment leads to new investment

Volunteering under COVID 19: How an East Timorese Volunteer's support of vegetable growers resulted in a 400% sales increase at his own employer.

A Family Farm Redefines Success

The Mohammed Abuna Dairy Seized Opportunity by Working with Farmer-to-Farmer

Uganda Host Impact Story - Farmer Co-op Raises a Better Business Model

Working with CRS’ Farmer-to-Farmer program, a rural producers’ group increased processing capacity that enables them to pursue more lucrative opportunities.

Watch Kelly Higgins reflect on her experience as a CRS F2F Volunteer

CRS’ Farmer-to-Farmer program covers travel expenses, lodging, meals and vaccinations, and provides travel emergency insurance.

Uganda Millers Flourish with Improved Quality and Efficiencies

The mill and its suppliers worked with CRS’ Farmer-to-Farmer program to stabilize their growing business and enable plans for future expansion.

Bees and cashews provide a winning formula for farmers in Benin

American expert Robert Owen signed up to help the union install its first beehives. Bringing to bear years of experience in the beekeeping sector.

Bacterial Innoculant Increases Bean yields and Improves Soil fertility

Volunteer training led to a partnership between the Catholic Secretariat and N2 Africa (a fertilizer promotion NGO) which funded a $25,000 pilot initiative.

Ginger farmers in Nepal are gaining new hope of prosperity

78 farmers produced and sold 70 metric tons of improved seed and ginger seed-producing farmers went on to earn $60,000 in their growing season after F2F support

Local dairy farm in Ethiopia sees vast expansion following F2F Support

Thanks to its considerable livestock numbers and favorable environment for livestock production, Ethiopia’s dairy sector has enormous potential for growth.

Video: Learn about F2F success with paired remote assignments!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel halted, yet Farmer-to-Farmer was able to quickly pivot to a new model. Learn more below!

Video - Watch a F2F Nepal Paired remote volunteer support story!

Raju Kadel and Jacob Tipton work together across continents and technologies to support Nepali goat farmers.