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CRS is currently in the process of developing and finalizing country projects for the 2024-28 cycle. Stay tuned for more details on the targeted areas of focus for our Core F2F countries: Ethiopia, Nepal, Timor-Leste, and Uganda.

Explore our achievements from the preceding cycle by perusing the success stories provided below, along with additional narratives available on the Stories and Events page.


  • Volunteer training led to a partnership between the Catholic Secretariat and N2 Africa (a fertilizer promotion NGO) which funded a $25,000 pilot initiative to provide inoculant to 1,100 farmers, boosting yields by 20% on average and creating an immediate demand for inoculant. Over the next couple of years, almost 50,000 farmers bought inoculant. Demand for inoculant is now coming from other regions in the country as word travels through the media, government enthusiasm and word of mouth. The rhizobium company now sells to over 100,000 farmers each year, and the demand is growing. Read more about the story here.
  • An F2F volunteer stepped in to provide crucial support to a University in Ethiopia experiencing a significant shortage of technical experts on nutritional research and development. Read more about the story here.
  • Read about the F2F Ethiopia Fy19-23 project here. 


  • F2F training helped a small-scale mushroom entrepreneur expand her business exponentially through trainings on proper planting methods and sanitary handling of lab equipment. The F2F host sold approximately $11,136 in mushroom spores, as a result, benefiting more than 3,500 smallholders since the assistance. Read more about the story here.

  • F2F volunteer support helps build the capacity of Nepalese farmers in hydroponic technology. A hydroponic farm receiving technical assistance has expanded operations increasing yields and profits, adding three new greenhouses through a low-interest loan, bringing total farm investment to roughly $155,000. Read more about the story here.

Read about the F2F Nepal Fy19-23 project here.


An East Timorese volunteer supported vegetable growers during COVID-19 resulting in a 400% sales increase at his own employer. Read more about the story here.

Read about the F2F Timor-Leste Fy19-23 project here.


F2F volunteer training on new fish farming techniques brightened business prospects for Kabeihura Farmers Limited (KFL). KFL supplied 300 smallholder farmers with fingerlings and shared these new techniques to 70 fish farmers. These trainings improved farmer success in raising fish and helped KFL reduce its budget for on-farm support. Read more about the story here.

Read about the F2F Uganda Fy19-23 project here.