International Agricultural Education Fellows Program

Farmer teaching group of farmers

IAEFP is a USDA funded program that provides opportunities for five fellows to assist and support schools in Uganda to establish school-based agricultural education and youth extension programs. Participating schools receive classroom instruction, field demonstrations. Fellowship duration April– December 2023 (Approx. 9 months).

Read the fellowship scope of work and learn more about the program here.

Program Goals

  1. Improve Uganda’s ability to meet the food and fiber needs of the domestic population.
  2. Strengthen and enhance trade linkages between Uganda and the US agricultural industry.
  3. Develop globally-minded United States agriculturalists with experience living abroad.

Introducing the 2023 Fellows!

We are pleased to announce the five fellows selected to be part of this year’s cohort. This group has come from all different disciplines and have begun their fellowship in Uganda in April/May. To learn more about these fellows, check out their biographies here.

Lewam Dejen

MA in Africa and International
Development, University of Edinburgh with a focus on agricultural education
in Ethiopia.
Arlington, VA

Victor Yoo

Bachelor of Science in Public Health with key coursework on Food and Community.
William Paterson University
Leonia, NJ

Fiona Rowles

M.S. Natural Resources & Environment with a background in agriculture and
food systems.
University of Alaska
Hilo, HI

Genaro Guerrero Espinosa

MA in Sustainable Development
with a focus on agriculture,
education, and water management.
Gainesville, FL

Claire Francis Beveridge

PhD, Hydrology & Hydrodynamics, Civil
& Environmental Engineering with a
focus on water management, and
environmental science.
University of Washington
Miami, FL

Fellows in the Field!

Read fellow Claire's blog about her experience so far.  

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Project Strategy

  1. CRS recruits a cohort of five fellows from the US agriculture education sector and place them in Ugandan secondary schools for 9 months with the purpose of scaling up innovative agricultural education approaches aligned with the Ugandan government’s newly revised Lower Secondary Curriculum.
  2. Fellows will accomplish key activities aligned with the new curriculum. Activities will include helping school administrators and teachers understand the new curriculum, introduce and adapt innovative US-based instructional materials, support use of the materials through classroom instruction, design & facilitate practical field-based demonstrations, entrepreneurial skills development through promoting small-individualized or group projects, community engagement while promoting youth extension programs.

Expected Outcomes

  • IAEFP fellows will strengthen secondary school-based agriculture education reforms through introduction of innovative methodologies and approaches in classroom instruction, practical field-based activities, youth extension, leadership and entrepreneurship skills development centered on Uganda’s new lower secondary curriculum.
  • Capacity Ugandan teachers working with fellows will improve knowledge and skills in experiential learning, problem solving, and implementation of a learner-centered approach aligned with the new curriculum.
  • Learners will have better understanding and appreciation of the full agriculture value chain demonstrated through established group or individualized entrepreneurial projects.
  • IAEFP fellows will strengthen trade linkages between Uganda and US agricultural industry through the American Chamber of Commerce, Uganda.
  • Fellows, teachers, and learners increase their appreciation of the value of international relations and the intersection between food security, economic development, and trade.