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NOTE: Now that the Digital Library has launched, the materials being housed here, are transitioning to that platform and this page will be phasing out.  The link to our new library is in the section following this.


Welcome!  We are excited to offer this volunteer toolkit where all our volunteers can come to prepare for future assignments, or check on the progress of host organizations with whom they have volunteered.  All our volunteers prepare group presentations and final reports detailing their statement of work, how they met those challenges, and future recommendations.  Feel free to check out a few of the presentations so that you may become familiar with what you might encounter in the field. You can search by clicking on each of the blue hyperlinks under the pictures below.

Group Presentations

Final Reports & Other Guidance

Blank Templates


It’s important to know what you need before you head out.  This section houses important information about each country, and what to expect when in country.  There is safety and security information, payment and reimbursement information, what to pack, agricultural data, and tourism information to consider when making plans for additional independent travel pre, or post assignment. You can search by clicking on each of the blue hyperlinks under the pictures below.


The Farmer to Farmer Digital Library has launched!  It house materials created and used by past volunteers in delivering their technical services to our recipients.  Specifically, these are materials you can incorporate into your presentations to help strengthen the capacity of the host organizations you will be serving.  Please become familiar with it because we are expecting you to introduce this resource to your host organization while serving.


We would like to continue our collaboration even after your assignment ends. Please join our CRS Farmer to Farmer Connecting Group. The group is open to past volunteers, members of host organizations, and all CRS Farmer to Farmer Staff.  It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with members of your host organization, as they gain access to a wider complement of other volunteers and host organizations that may also be able to help them address additional areas of concern not covered under your SOW.  Click the link above and request to join, the Librarian will be happy to approve your memberships to the group.


Have you ever wondered what other countries host the Farmer to Farmer program besides CRS?  There are several other implementing partners, and they all do great work.  Check out the Farmer to Farmer Wiki Page to learn more.

Should you have any question about the Volunteer Toolkit or Electronic Library, please contact our Electronic Resource Librarian Adamaah Grayse at adamaah.grayse@crs.org, or 443-825-3957.