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Please take a few minutes to go through the different sections on this page. If we have just confirmed your assignment, please focus on sections 1, 2, and 3 as these include essential forms required to process your assignment. You may refer to sections 4, 5, and 6 once travel is booked to get more information on orientation documents to prepare for your assignment.

Section 1: Forms that Must be Returned

These are the forms that your recruiter MUST have back before you begin your assignment. Please note that some links will automatically download to your downloads folder: 1 – Volunteer Travel Information Form 2 – Volunteer Release – US citizens 3 – Addendum to the Volunteer Release 4 – Medical Clearance Form 5 – Banking Information Form 6 – Supplier form 7- Scanned copy of your passport and COVID-19 vaccination card: Email to Emily Keast 8- Liberia References Form – please send this form to 3 of your chosen references Please let your recruiter know if you plan to add any personal days to your assignment dates. More details on adding personal days to your assignment can be found here.

Section 2: Visa & Assignment Expenses

Section 3: Insurance, Safety & Security

Although you will receive an in-country security briefing when you arrive, take some time to read these documents informing you about the situation “on the ground” and your insurance processes so that you are best prepared for your assignment. CRS Learns Courses: There are two short courses that volunteers are required to take prior to departure. Please follow the steps below to enroll and complete the courses.
      1. Fill out and submit this form: CRS Learns Self-Registration Link
      2. Inform your recruiter (Email to Emily Keast) once the registration is submitted – It will take 48 hours for you to gain access to the courses
      3. Complete the Introduction to Safeguarding and Safe & Sound Courses assigned to you
Safeguarding for Farmer to Farmer Volunteers

COVID Resources & Documents

Section 4: Country Program Information

Section 5: Assignment Resources

Section 6: Connection Platform & Resources