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Send resumes and availability to Mireille.Ngokion@crs.org   

BJ210 HR Management

BJ211 Financial Training and Auditing

BJ213 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policies Audit & Training

BJ216 Project Design and Fundraising Training for Cashew Cooperative

BJ227 M&E System Set Up

BJ229 Marketing Strategy Development for Agriculture Training Center

BJ230 Cashew Apple Processing

BJ231 Juice and Syrups Processing Production

BJ232 Market Research and Negotiation

BJ233 Soy Milk and Cheese Training

BJ234 Curriculum Design for Agricultural Training Center

BJ235 Fish Feed Production – Opportunity in Togo!

BJ236 Stainless Steel Welding – Opportunity in Togo!


Send resumes and availability to maria.figueroa@crs.org

ET202-Cheese-Product-Quality-and-Processing (9)

ET204 Climate Smart Agriculture Focusing on Conservation Agriculture & Small Scale Irrigation- on hold pending clarifications

ET205 Hatchery Management

ET212 Cattle Fattening for Bule Hora University

ET213 Crop modeling for Injebara University

ET214 Climate Modeling for Salale University

ET215 Techniques of Seed Production and Handling for Farmers’ Coop Union

ET216 Coffee Processing and Quality Testing for Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Coop Union

ET218 Hygiene Milk production and Handling for Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry

ET219 Hydrological modeling Training for Salale University

ET220 Econometrics Training for Salale University

ET223 Dairy Product Development SOW for Elemtu Dairy

ET225 International Business and Marketing for Livestock Association

ET227 Dairy Products Marketing for Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry

ET229 GIS and remote sensing for Agriculture- Wolkite University

ET230 Resource Mobilization and Grant Proposal Writing

ET231 Marketing of Socially Impactful Products

ET232 Automated Customer Service Management for Improved PICS Supply Chain



Volunteers do not need to be from the US.

Send resumes and availability to mailto:Priyanka.Subba@crs.org


Send resumes and availability to Priyanka.Subba@crs.org

NE214 Curriculum Review and Validation-Post Graduate Course Animal Science

NE216 Quality Seed Testing

NE224 Dairy Product Diversification

NE227 SOW for Mushroom production and production facility improvement

NE230 Training on Fall Army Worm Surveillance Management

NE231 Fall Army Worm Training on use of Integrated pest management (IPM) for controlling FAW

NE235 Nutrition Management for Goat Seed Production



Send resumes and availability to Mireille.Ngokion@crs.org   

RW205 Assessing Rwanda’s Government Subsidy Program (on hold)

RW222 Capacity Building on Cooperative Governance and Management for KOAIRU Cooperative

RW225 Strategic Plan Development for Agribusiness Non-profit

RW226 Marketing Strategy

RW227 Marketing for Organic Pineapple Cooperative

RW229 Mushroom Production and Quality Management

RW230 Strategic Plan Development for Women’s Cooperative

Upcoming assignment topics:

Post-harvest handling
Business management


Please note that assignments to Timor Leste require two full weeks in country. This time excludes travel time to Timor Leste from the United States which can take up to 3 days each way.

 Send resumes and availability to Priyanka.Subba@crs.org 

TL216 Basic Marketing and business Planning for SILC Groups

TL219 Financial feasibility study for impact investment

TL221 Food dehydration machinery maintenance


UG213 Configuration of a finance software for milling company

UG216 Inventory Management

UG228 Farm Record Keeping

UG229 Financial management for the savings and Loan Scheme

UG230 Poultry Hatchery Management

UG236 Herdmangement (Pasture & feeding, Animal health)