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During current travel restrictions, two types of volunteer assignments are available: Virtual and Local.

Virtual assignments are available to American volunteers and are usually a series of calls or webinars addressing the assignment topic with the host, with a final report at the end. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that virtual volunteers may be able to travel to country for assignment completion when restrictions relax.

Local assignments are available to ALL applicants regardless of citizenship and combine in-country assistance with virtual support from an American volunteer. The local volunteer is responsible for assignment design and preparation, and the virtual support from a paired American is designed to help provide supplementary training resources, review trainings as needed, and to complete the US Outreach component of the assignment. These assignments pairing local/regional and American volunteers were designed to ensure that hosts can benefit from in-country or regional expertise while Americans are unable to travel.    

Applicants interested in either type of assignment should reach out to the listed recruiter with their interest and resume. 


Send resumes and availability to Mireille.Ngokion@crs.org   

Local assignments


On hold


Send resumes and availability to Priyanka.Subba@crs.org 

Local Assignments

ET205 Hatchery Management

ET215 Techniques of Seed Production & Handling for Farmers’ Coop Union

ET226 Leadership Training for Metemamen MFI

ET229 Geographic Information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing training

Virtual Assignments (links to full descriptions coming soon)

ET231 Marketing of Impactful Products & Fee-Based Training Service Delivery

ET232 Automated Customer Service Management for Improved PICS Supply Chain

ET245 University Leadership

ET246 Managing E-Learning

ET247 Curriculum for Workforce Development

ET248 Resource Mobilization and Donor Fund Solicitation

ET249 Strategies for Winning grants for Debre Markos University

Virtual or Local (assignment is adaptable)

ET230 Resource Mobilization and Grant Proposal Writing

ET233 International Marketing for Gozamen Union

ET234 Cattle Fattening for Selale University

ET235 Information Management Technology(IT) IT for Metemamen MFI

ET237 Dairy Waste Treatment Design

ET239 Dairy Product Development

ET240 Strategic Business Plan Preparation

ET241 Climate Smart Agriculture for Improved Productivity

ET242 Portfolio Management for Metemamen

ET250 Youth Reseller Training Manual

Assignments on Hold


ET204 Climate Smart Agriculture DFSA

ET212 Cattle Fattening for Bule Hora University

ET213 Crop Modeling for Injebara University

ET214 Climate Modeling for Salale University

ET216 Coffee Processing and Quality Testing for Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Coop Union

ET218 Hygiene Milk production and Handling for Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry

ET220 Econometrics Training for Salale University

ET223 Diary Product Development SOW for Elemtu Dairy

ET225 International Business and Marketing for Livestock Association

ET227 Dairy Products Marketing for Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry

ET236 Smallscale Threshers Product Quality Improvement




Send resumes and availability to Priyanka.Subba@crs.org

Local assignments

Upcoming assignments

  • ML210 IT Support EPIVEt Part II
  • ML211 Assistance to design and set up an electronic newsletter
  • ML212 Support for an agro pastor group
  • ML213 Preventive maintenance of cold chain equipment in each veterinary sector and at the LVK level
  • ML214 SOP for monitoring
  • ML215 Advanced diagnostic techniques
  • ML216 Equipment maintenance and repair / Metrology


Send resumes and availability to Priyanka.Subba@crs.org

Local assignments

Virtual assignments

On hold


Send resumes and availability to Mireille.Ngokion@crs.org  

Local assignments


 Send resumes and availability to Priyanka.Subba@crs.org 

Local assignments

Virtual assignments

Flexible (Virtual or Local assignments)

On hold


Send resume and availability to Mireille.Ngokion@crs.org

Local Assignments